“Raghav,” she says to him, “it is dharma alone that will protect you, and this dharma is what you yourself protect with courage and steadfastness.”


Hindu DharmaTo right-thinking people “dharma” and “satya” are interchangeable words and their goal is — as it has always been — to rise higher so as to realize Him who alone is the truth. For them there is no pursuit higher than that of practicing truth in thought, word and deed.

Kim Satyam? (What is truth?)

Bhutahitam! (Truth or truthfulness is what is spoken for the well-being of all living beings.)

Ko Dharmah? (What is Dharma?)

Abhimanto yah sistanam nija kulinam! (Dharma is that which is determined by the elders and by learned people.) Continue reading “Dharma”