Learning to Dance Inside

You do not get rid of an obsessing thought by concentrating on getting rid of it. You do so by supplanting it with other thoughts.

Learning to Dance Inside
Learning to Dance Inside

We are wise to realize early that the way others meditate and the way they describe how they do it will sometimes be helpful, sometimes counterproductive. It will be an unfortunate detour if we stand more in awe of what others accomplish than of what we ourselves have it in our power to accomplish. We will be wise, too, to know early that we have as much potential for success at meditation as anyone else in any place or time. If we can’t manage that much positive self-assessment, it will be helpful to try to imagine what it would feel like if we could. We do better to start our journey into contemplation using the make-believe of “what would it feel like if” than not to start at all.

Author: Jyoti

Old-time Wikipedian, audio recording artist, graphic designer, professional programmer, and a blogger.

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